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How To: Convert NDC’s from 10 Digits to 11 Digits

It should be noted that many National Drug Codes (NDC’s) are being displayed on drug packaging in a 10-digit format.  Proper billing of an (NDC) requires an 11-digit number in a 5-4-2 format.  Converting (NDC) from a 10-digit to an 11-digit format requires a strategically placed zero (0), dependent upon the 10-digit format.  The following table shows common 10-digit (NDC) formats indicated on the packaging and the associated conversion to an 11-digit format, using the proper placement of a zero.  The correctly formatted, additional “0” is in bold font in the following examples.

Note:  Hyphens shown below are used solely to illustrate the various formatting examples for (NDC’s). Do not use hyphens when entering NDC codes in Freedom | EHR.

NDC Conversion Table

10-Digit Format10-Digit Format Example11-Digit Format11-Digit Format ExampleActual 10-Digit NDC Example11-Digit Conversion Example
Updated on August 13, 2021

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